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The fat loss, weight loss exercise program!

Before you embark on any exercise program, you need to have your level of fitness assessed formally either by your general practitioner or your Nurse practitioner

Also you need to determine what level of exercise best suits you

Whatever exercise program you subscribe to, we suggest doing your exercises first thing in the morning.

After a nights sleep, the glycogen stores in the liver and muscles is low. This means that when you exercise, your body is obliged to burn fat to generate energy

To help your fat loss process, there are two types of exercise recommended

Aerobics: This aims to achieve an increase in fat burn by increasing oxygen consumption

For aerobics to be effective it needs to be sustained for at least 20 minutes and done at least 3 times a week, every week

Getting an exercise buddy is ideal. You can motivate each other. There are days when you just can't be bothered to drag your butt out of bed. Enter your exercise buddy!

You don't need to invest in the most expensive gym equipment to take part in aerobics.

Aerobics can take the form of brisk walking, jogging, swimming, treadmill, cycling, dancing

Select the form that best suits you and which you feel excited enough about to sustain

If you are new to any form of exercise or are very large, then it is probably best to start with walking.

A brisk 20 minute walk three times a week is an excellent place to start your fat loss aerobics program. But you must maintain your pace.

A slow amble in the park will not raise your heart rate, increase your oxygen consumption or result in fat loss

If you like watching tv, then maybe investing in an exercise bicycle is the option for you. Choose your favourite 30 minute show and cycle while you watch

If jogging is your chosen method of fat loss, them maybe invest in a cheap mp3 player.

Listen to more fast paced tracks while you jog. This will help pass the time and also act as a pace setter

An exercise regimen that works is described below

Aim to do this three times a week [not on consecutive days]

This program combines jogging and walking.

The aim is to keep your metabolism revved up throughout the training session while reducing the risk of fatigue

Each session should last 30 minutes

Start with a 5 minute brisk walk
Next jog for 1 to 2 minutes [depending on your level of fitness]
Another 5 minutes brisk walk
Followed by  1 or 2 minute Jog
Continue alternating until you end the session with a 5 minute brisk walk

For a complete guide to aerobics, heart rate targets and personalizing your aerobic program, get Tom Venuto's book


Weight training: This can radically accelerate your fat loss campaign.

  • The basic principle is that weight training increases muscle mass. A high muscle mass is linked to higher metabolism ie you burn more calories ie fat burn
  • Before you panic, the aim here is to improve your muscle tone, not to make you into a bulging muscled body builder  
  • The bonus is that you have a more stream lined, toned look even before the fat starts dropping off 
  • You must combine weight training with aerobics to achieve maximum fat burn benefit 
  • We advise that you weight train about 3 times a week and take a one day break between sessions ie. don't weight train on consecutive days 
  •  Also start slowly and then build up your regime

    Weight training sessions should not last more than 45 minutes

    For a comprehensive guide to weight training and much more get Tom Venuto's e book here.

    Does this seem like too much work??
    Take a look at yourself now imagine what you will look and feel like after 4 weeks of this program

    You know what you want, now it's up to you what happens next!!!



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