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Fat And Weight Loss Eating Plan

Genuine fat loss guide. Natural fat burner for weight loss

This diet aims to get you eating foods that are a natural fat burner to achieve weight loss

You are not going to be spoon fed a menu here. The world has lots of different ethnic groups with lots of different dietary content. What this page gives is a guideline so that you can design a diet that is tailored to your own unique needs.

We are not only promoting fat loss with this diet, we aim to get you into healthy eating as well?

If a natural fat burner to achieve weight loss is what you want, let's get started

Drink lots of water

  • Remember, our bodies our 60 to 70% water
  • Every metabolic process in the body takes place in a medium of water
  • You use water to flush out all those toxic products in the form of urine
  • A small degree of dehydration will result in a large degree of metabolic and intellectual impairment
  • If you live in a temperate environment, 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day should do
  • If you live in warmer climes, or are involved in activities that produce a lot of sweat daily, then you need to increase your water intake accordingly. Don't drink all the water at one sitting. Spread it out through the day

Other fluids

ALCOHOL is ok in moderation. By that is meant no more than two small glasses of wine a day and do not drink every day. In fact, some authorities say that a little alcohol, emphasis on little is beneficial to your health.

Alcohol, however slows down the metabolism of fat and therefore will frustrate your fat loss efforts.

Alcohol in excess also damages your organs eg liver [alcoholic liver disease and cirrhosis], heart [alcoholic cardiomyopathy], brain [Wernicke-korsakoff syndrome]

Coffee or tea. Allow yourself 2 to 3 cups of coffee or tea a day if you must. Use skimmed milk rather than whole milk. Use honey rather than sugar.

Carbonated drinks, even the diet variety are a no-no. The additives in these are just begging to hurt you.

Fruit juices[100% FRUIT, NO ADDED SUGAR] are good and can count towards your daily fluid intake requirements











  • Eating is a sure way of reving up your metabolism
  • Some foods are thermogenic ie energy burning hence further increasing your metabolism
  • Eating frequently keeps your metabolic rate at a slightly higher and steady level
  • No hunger pangs hence no binge eating
  • Eat 5 or 6 meals a day is not a license to eat any old crap. It just means taking a look at what you would normally eat in the course of the day and dividing that up into five meals rather than 3 meals
  • The secret to the plan is to eat foods that are a natural fat burner to achieve weight loss 

Foods that are good

  • Protein is your friend. From now on your diet must contain lots of protein, moderate amount of carbohydrate and a minimum of fat

Lean Protein - Fish, shellfish. Full of protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. Grill or Boil. DON'T FRY. Omega 3 fats are good essential fatty acids which help reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. 

TIP: Another good source of Omega 3 fats is FLAXSEED oil

Lean Protein - Red Meat. Rich in Iron and protein. Great for building those muscles necessary for generating the metabolism responsible for burning the fat. Again grill or broil, DON'T FRY

Lean Protein - Poultry. Chicken, Turkey, Duck. Broil or Grill, DON'T FRY

  • Simple natural carbohydrates, in one word, fruits 


  • Complex starchy carbohydrates eg rice, sweet potatoes, whole meal bread, potatoes, oats 
  • Complex fibrous carbohydrates eg vegetables


Foods that are bad

  • Sugar. Use honey instead of refined sugar. If you must use sugar use raw cane or Demerara sugar.

TIP: Honey is especially good because although it is a combination of fructose and glucose. It helps the liver metabolize glucose better The result is a reduction of the rise of blood glucose levels when using honey instead of sugar.  This is refered to as the fructose paradox



  • Salt. Bad for the blood pressure. Do not add extra salt at the table. Get rid of that salt shaker 
  • Fried food. Dripping with trans fats [bad fats] Some authorities believe this is linked with an increased cancer risk  
  • Refined carbohydrates eg chocolate, icecream, icing, sweets, syrup  
  • Cakes and cookies  
  • Margarine and butter are also not recommended.  
  • Pastries, white bread, doughnuts


Simple changes go a long way
    Instead of sugar use honey 
    Instead of whole milk use skimmed milk 
    Instead of ice cream, have frozen yogurt 
    Fruit salad for desert rather than death by chocolate cake 
    Nibble on a carrot rather than on a cookie 
    Whole meal bread instead of white 

So how do you put this all together

  • Every meal follows the same formula to achieve the requirements of being a natural fat burner to achieve fat loss  
  • Complex starchy carbohydrate + lean protein + simple natural or complex fibrous carbohydrate 
  • One meal a day should contain a source of essential fatty acids eg fish or Flaxseed oil.


So, take a look at the following example of a standard fat loss weight loss meal planner

Meal one: Poached egg white [Lean protein] on a piece of wholemeal toast, not buttered [complex carbohydrate] and grape fruit [simple carbohydrate]

Meal two: Small piece of grilled chicken breast [Lean protein], with a few table spoons of brown rice [complex starchy carbohydrate] with some asparagus [complex fibrous carbohydrate]

Meal three: Small piece of grilled Salmon drizzled with juice from a freshly squeezed lemon [Lean protein and essential fatty acids], one baked sweet potato [complex starchy carbohydrate] and a fruit salad [natural simple carbohydrates]

Do you see the pattern. You can achieve this combination with any number of foods.

You must keep your food portions low.

The idea is for you to eat about as much in 24 hours as you did in your previous eating plan but to spread this volume out in five to six meals rather than in three, or in some cases two, meals.

Also we are trying to replace the unhealthy content of your diet with more healthy portions.

No time to cook five meals a day?
The simple solution is to cook for two or three meals at one time so you only need cook a couple of times a day.

I don't recommend cooking for a few days and storing the food because a lot of the vitamins in your vegetables will be lost to you.

Yes by all means bulk cook rice or potatoes, but not salmon or vegetables.

Now you have the guidelines, I suggest you sit down and construct your own fat burning diet plan specially tailored to you.

Write what you plan to eat over the next few days so that you can shop appropriately.

Also this is just an outline.

You may need to invest in some material that will give you a more detailed explanation of why and how this works and tips on other ideas.

Go to the resources page to see what we recommend.
Both are cheap and we suggest you get only one and stick to it.

Do you need to exercise to achieve fat loss.
The answer is no.
This diet is supposed to direct you towards food that act as a natural fat burner to achieve fat loss and weight loss.

Exercise will however SPEED UP your metabolism thereby enhancing fat loss. It also improves your general level of well being.
So although it is not a must do,  we highly recommend an exercise regimen.









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