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Stop hopping from one bad diet program to the other!
The key to losing weight and keeping fat off is a sustainable but small change to your eating habits 

What are you waiting for??

Read this to start building a slimmer, trimmer you

Have you ever?
  • Gone on a diet only to quit half way? 
  • Successfully lost weight, only to pile it all back on AND MORE after the diet was over? 
  • Looked down at your ever increasing abdomen in despair? 
  • Tried losing weight in one particular area of your body and failed? 
  • Deliberately bought loose and baggy clothes. Because you are ashamed of the shape of your body?

If so this site is for you.

This is not a fad diet guide, or a supplements or pills selling site

We aim to equip you with the knowledge you require to turn your weight loss battle to a fat loss victory.


  • Not practical 
  • Require too drastic a change in your lifestyle 
  • Only work for as long as you are on them 
  • Lack of strong scientific proof 
  • A lot of them cause loss of less fat AND more muscle. Not a good thing 
  • You are always hungry!!!



This fat loss program is based on a few facts

Your Metabolic rate is directly related to your muscle mass

  • Insulin plays a large role in fat deposition 
  • Maintaining a steady but slightly raised metabolic rate will result in fat loss 
  • You DO NOT need pills or supplements to lose body fat or gain muscle mass 
  • 200 tummy scrunches every morning is not the way to go




Set specific goals e.g. I want to reduce my abdominal girth by 2 inches in 5 weeks
Set reasonable goals. I want to lose 10 inches from around my thighs in 2 weeks is not a reasonable goal. If you set ridiculous goals you are only setting yourself up for failure

Realize you will not see results overnight

Realize that you will have to put in some effort. There is no passive way of becoming a more fit, healthier you

Take a picture of yourself and highlight the areas you are unhappy with. Keep this picture safe

Get a fat loss buddy. A friend you see a couple of times a week and who will go on this fat loss adventure with you

Weigh yourself. Measure your abdominal and thigh girth and write these down on the back of your picture

Decide to stick with your program for one month before passing any judgement on it.

Start now, not next week, not tomorrow. NOW!!!

Truthfully assess your abilities so you can device an appropriate exercise program for yourself

The information on this site is provided as a guide to your fat and weight loss program.

There is a fat loss guide based on adjusting your eating habits on our fat loss diet page

And then there is a gentle exercise plan on our fat burning exercise plan page

You can also get the free fat loss guide at Free fat loss ebook

To supplement the information on this site, there are a few good weight loss guides available.

The current best selling ebook guides are

FATLOSS4IDIOTS To view sales page click here

FEED THE FAT BURN THE MUSCLE by Tom Venuto To view sales page click here

Do not feel obliged to purchase our recommended e books. If there is something out there that suits you better, get it and stick to it!!!

After you have read through this site and devised your own personalized fat loss program, make sure you are healthy enough to undertake your fat loss strategy.

Disclaimer: This is not a medical website and we strongly recommend that you consult your Doctor before embarking on this or any other weight loss plan






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